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Instantly recreate sophisticated IoT designs with Follow-Along Hardware

Golioth Reference Designs now include purchasable hardware setups that mirror all functionality on our custom hardware solution. Utilize Golioth firmware and cloud together to showcase complex IoT applications in minutes! Compact designs have custom elements Golioth Reference Designs help to showcase end-to-end IoT applications using quasi-custom hardware. If you’ve seen any of our articles or […]

Manifests: Project Sanity in the Ever-Changing Zephyr World

If you take one thing away from this [talk], it should be this: Manifest files are a great way to manage revision control in your Zephyr applications. Mike Szczys is my teammate in the Developer Relations group and the primary firmware engineer creating Golioth Reference Designs. We build on top of the Golioth Zephyr SDK […]


Golioth trains future Zephyr engineers

Golioth just wrapped another Zephyr training session that was open to the public. This was a group of 30 trainees, all remote. There continue to be challenges with remote training, but we are always refining how we train engineers and will detail some of the learnings below. We appreciate everyone who took part in the […]