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Low Volume, High Mix Mechanical Enclosures for IoT Projects

We’ve been spinning up a large number of reference design hardware units to showcase a number of use cases for Golioth. This means using a number of different internal and external sensors on one unified microcontroller platform using the nRF9160 cellular SIP. Putting these in a case is a challenge since each different sensor suite calls for different openings in the enclosure. This is the story of our journey for a solution that looks great, and is available to us with low-volume order quantities.

Why calibrate? IoT systems work with raw data

One of my first engineering jobs was in the Test and Measurement space. Tracing everything back to standards and calibration is a key part of the process. It takes a long time and is taken very seriously. I had many learning experiences that reinforced the importance of calibration (despite my tongue-in-cheek article title). IoT devices […]

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The 12 Layers of IoT

When I started at Golioth, I wanted to understand the service offerings from different companies in the space. What resulted, was a chart (below), slideshow (below), and a presentation I have now given a couple different times (video, above). All of these things showcase how I started to investigate and understand the inter-operating pieces of […]