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ZDS: Connecting Zephyr Logging to the Cloud Over Constrained Channels

  Marcin Niestrój helped to implement a solution to IoT logging in Zephyr, and that work is the subject of his Connecting Zephyr Logging to the Cloud Over Constrained Channels talk, presented during the 2022 Zephyr Developer’s Summit. Marcin has been working as an embedded engineer for over 10 years, with the last four of […]

How to add custom shell commands in Zephyr

The Zephyr shell is a powerful interactive tool, but it’s not just for the stock features. You can easily add your own shell commands for setting and checking value, and creating custom readouts for in-depth analysis of what is going on with your IoT devices.

Zephyr does Ethernet Too!

Ethernet support is built in to Zephyr with several different chipsets to choose from. Here’s how to add a W5500 Ethernet chip to your project and configure the Zephyr drivers to use it.


New Feature: Updating Zephyr settings from the device shell and more!

Now you can set your Golioth credentials from the Zephyr device shell. You also have the option to pull them from the Golioth cloud and automatically send them to the device from a single command on the command line. These new features use the Zephyr settings subsystem where they are stored in flash memory so that they persist after rebooting.


New Feature: Visualizing IoT Data Using Ubidots

Golioth is excited to announce our newest output streams integration with Ubidots. Thanks to this partnership, Ubidots data visualization dashboards are now easy to set up using a pre-configured plugin to access your Golioth device data. Here’s how it all works.