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Troubleshooting IoT Cellular

Troubleshooting IoT Cellular Connections with Nordic nRF9160

Cellular connected IoT can be intimidating, especially when the cellular connection doesn't work, or only works intermittently. Today we will explore Nordic's LTE Link Monitor and Cellular Monitor applications to show how you can troubleshoot…

Announcing Beta Support for Zephyr in the Golioth Firmware SDK

Announcing Beta Support for Zephyr in the Golioth Firmware SDK We are excited to announce the availability of a public Beta for support for the Zephyr RTOS in the Golioth Firmware SDK! But wait, you say, doesn’t Golioth already support Zephyr?…
Woman holding up a voltage meter with the caption "Displaying battery voltage and firmware version"

Displaying Firmware Version and Battery State with Zephyr

We recently open-sourced the Golioth Reference Design Template that we have been using internally as the starting point for our growing library of reference designs. Out of the box, the template provides an end-to-end working firmware example…
A group of engineers sitting in a circle, learning together

Our Next Free Zephyr Training is September 27th

Golioth's next free Zephyr training is happening remotely on September 27th, 2023. Sign up to reserve a spot and get directions on buying the required hardware.

Everything you wanted to know about Environmental Monitoring (webinar)

On September 28th, 2023 at noon EDT / 9 am PDT, we're hosting a webinar with Keenan Johnson of the Ribbit network! You have seen Keenan featured in our Case Study about Ribbit where we detail how they are using Golioth to power their fleet of…
Abstract diagram of a device changing IP addresses as it moves must maintaining a connection to Golioth.

Golioth Announces Connection ID Support

At Golioth, we pride ourselves on doing both the deep technical work—as well as the routine maintenance—required to ensure we back up our claim of being the most efficient way that devices in the field can securely talk to services in the…

How to Provision and Store IoT Device Certificates

Every IoT device should operate over an encrypted channel. But how exactly does that security work as your fleet rapidly grows? Our recommendation is to use certificate authentication to deliver strong encryption while solving common fleet management…

How To Manually Send Data to LightDB State and LightDB Stream

We always recommend connecting ESP32 devices to the Golioth Cloud with the Golioth Firmware SDK. We believe that is the lowest friction way of connecting a device to the internet. But sometimes I want to get under the hood and tinker, and I…
Mike Szczys EOSS/ZDS: Zephyr Manifest Files

Manifests: Project Sanity in the Ever-Changing Zephyr World

If you take one thing away from this [talk], it should be this: Manifest files are a great way to manage revision control in your Zephyr applications. Mike Szczys is my teammate in the Developer Relations group and the primary firmware engineer…

Open Sourcing Golioth Reference Designs and Template

Golioth is open sourcing reference designs, including a template. Previously these had only been available on request. You can now view and replicate the structure of reference designs for your projects.