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How to Debug MCUboot (and Why I Needed To)

Golioth firmware engineer Mike Szczys walks through debugging the MCUboot bootloader using gdb. This is a slightly different task than normal Zephyr debugging, but can help to find tricky bugs.

New Pipelines Transformer: JSON Patch

A new JSON Patch Pipelines transfomer is now generally available for Golioth users. It allows for modifying JSON payloads, or payloads that have been transformed into JSON in a previous pipeline step, in order to fit a specific structure or…

The Inside Story of the Golioth Bluetooth® Mesh Demo

Take a deeper look inside the Bluetooth Mesh demo that connects to the Cloud via Golioth. Sandra Capri of Ambient Sensors (a Golioth Design partner) walks through the code and workflow of this demo.
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Nordic Webinar with Golioth on June 20th, 2024

Nordic Semiconductor and Golioth will host a partner webinar on June 20th, 2024. This will go over how to use the nRF Connect SDK along with Golioth to build fully featured reference designs.

Giving Users Their Platform Back

Prior to joining Golioth a little over a year ago, I remember being struck by the number of services and features offered by the platform. OTA updates, logging, time-series data storage, a real-time database, settings — the list goes on. Coming…
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Connecting Nordic’s new nRF9151 to Golioth

Golioth already works on the nRF9151 SIP and associated Dev Kit from Nordic Semiconductor. Utilize the Golioth Firmware SDK with nRF Connect SDK to connect your cellular device to an advanced IoT cloud immediately.

Digikey webinar with Golioth on June 13th 2024

Golioth will be joining our friends at Digikey on June 13th to talk about "Leveraging Zephyr to enable super-flexible IoT designs". 

Announcing Pipelines: Stream, Transform, and Route IoT Data Anywhere

Golioth is announcing the launch of Pipelines, a powerful new set of features that redefines how you manage and route your IoT data. It represents a significant upgrade in our functionality, scalability and user control.

How to Debug a Network Error in Zephyr

Zephyr has built-in debugging for many of its supported boards. Here's a real-world example of utilizing the these tools to track down and fix a networking error with CoAP.

Taking Your Hardware To Production with Zephyr

Manufacturing is marathon, not a sprint. Chris Gammell walks through five phases of IoT device production, discussing what's involved in each step and how Zephyr RTOS can help during his talk from the 2024 Embedded Open Source Summit.