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How to Debug a Network Error in Zephyr

Zephyr has built-in debugging for many of its supported boards. Here's a real-world example of utilizing the these tools to track down and fix a networking error with CoAP.

Taking Your Hardware To Production with Zephyr

Manufacturing is marathon, not a sprint. Chris Gammell walks through five phases of IoT device production, discussing what's involved in each step and how Zephyr RTOS can help during his talk from the 2024 Embedded Open Source Summit.
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Connecting a Bluetooth® Mesh Demo to the Cloud

Sandra Capri, CTO of Ambient Sensors, writes about building a Bluetooth Mesh demo where a cellular-based Thingy91 unit acts as a bridge to the Golioth Cloud.
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Build Before Installing: Zephyr Dev Environment Using GitHub Codespaces

Golioth Firmware Engineer Mike Szczys describes how we use GitHub Codespaces and Development (Dev) Containers to train engineers all over the world without any install required. Answering the question of how fast can a new Zephyr RTOS user go from zero to successful code compilation.

How to use the RAK5010 cellular dev board with Zephyr

The RAK5010 is a cellular board based on Quectel's BG95 modem (Qualcomm chipset). A Nordic nRF52840 microcontroller "runs the show", connecting to the modem via UART. This is a nice combination for a number of applications like remote sensing, application tracking, and Bluetooth <> Cellular gateway. Let's walk through the process of developing for this board in the Zephyr RTOS.
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How to localize your devices with GNSS, NMEA, and Zephyr

Guest author Jerónimo Agulló goes over the basics of GNSS and how the NMEA0183 set of messages standardizes communication between geolocation modules and microcontrollers. Then he shows how a new system in Zephyr makes it easier than ever to set up communication.

Abstract hardware interfaces in Zephyr

In this post, we'll walk through a couple methods for defining abstract hardware interfaces in Zephyr using the devicetree. You've probably seen abstract hardware interfaces implemented on popular development boards. Many boards provide a…
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Bluetooth Gateways with Golioth and Zephyr

Turn your Bluetooth devices into a connected IoT fleet using Golioth. This post walks through the process of creating a Bluetooth to Cellular gateway and sending sensor data to the cloud.

Golioth was at Embedded World 2024

As we described in our announcement post, we had a range of demos at our kiosk in the Zephyr Booth at Embedded World 2024. Once again this conference proved to a valuable opportunity to connect with engineers across industries and get feedback…
Golioth works with Qualcomm
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Golioth Firmware SDK Latest Release Adds Support for Zephyr’s New Modem Subsystem and Qualcomm

Golioth works with Qualcomm. The Golioth Firmware SDK, release 0.12.0, supports the Zephyr Modem subsystem. This enables support for more modem technologies, starting with Qualcomm, and support for the Quectel BG95 as a first class cellular modem.