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Adding PWM sound in Zephyr

Utilize Zephyr PWM capabilities to drive a simple piezoelectric speaker to play notes. Golioth did this on the Nordic Semiconductor Thingy91 and can play selected songs over a cellular connection.

DC Power Monitor: A Golioth Reference Design

How full is your battery? How much current is your USB device drawing? What is your energy usage of your bank of devices? Gaining granular feedback on your electricity usage is a valuable tool. We have previously discussed this as part of…
Nordic nRF9160 modem info

How to Get Network Information from a Nordic nRF9160 Cellular Modem

Cellular-enabled devices are often deployed into far-flung locations. They are quite likely to be out of reach from physical access once deployed. Having a way to verify the network status for a device is really important to maintaining a fleet. Nordic…

Free Zephyr Training Hosted By Golioth, June 7th 2023

Golioth continues to run training for hardware and firmware developers looking to learn more about Zephyr and connecting their devices to the cloud; our last public training had 30 engineers trying out Zephyr and Golioth on accessible IoT hardware. Our…

Try out Golioth with a pre-compiled binary on the Thingy91

Try out the Golioth platform without writing or compiling any code. The newly released Thingy91 binary showcases the entire platform and guides users on how to structure their programs for success.
Image with text saying "Why Golioth Uses CoAP" and the Golioth logo with wires coming out of it.

Why Golioth Uses CoAP

Golioth uses CoAP because we care about performance. This article explains the basics of CoAP and some of our decisions to use the protocol.

CBOR Serialization in the Golioth Zephyr SDK: 20% Data Savings!

Golioth provides a lot of different services for your IoT fleet. Under the hood they all boil down to one thing: transferring some type of data to or from a constrained device. Whether it's your microcontroller-based sensors sending back readings,…
Golioth raises $4.6M seed round
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$4.6M to Connect Sensors to the Internet

Today, we’re announcing open access to a library of new reference designs for embedded engineers to accelerate their time to market, the launch of a Select Partner Program for energy and construction developers, and the completion of a $4.6M…

Webinar Recap: Collect IoT Sensor data using Golioth and Infineon ModusToolbox™

A few weeks ago we held a live webinar with Infineon about how to collect sensor data using the Golioth ModusToolbox™ SDK and push that data up to the Golioth Cloud. I (Chris) was an audience member for the webinar and thought I would use…

Using the Nordic nRF7002-DK for Zephyr Training

Golioth is building a new training using Nordic Semiconductor's nRF7002-DK board. We think this is an affordable, flexible platform for getting started learning Golioth, Zephyr, and Nordic components.