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Golioth was at Embedded World 2024

As we described in our announcement post, we had a range of demos at our kiosk in the Zephyr Booth at Embedded World 2024. Once again this conference proved to a valuable opportunity to connect with engineers across industries and get feedback…
Golioth works with Qualcomm
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Golioth Firmware SDK Latest Release Adds Support for Zephyr’s New Modem Subsystem and Qualcomm

Golioth works with Qualcomm. The Golioth Firmware SDK, release 0.12.0, supports the Zephyr Modem subsystem. This enables support for more modem technologies, starting with Qualcomm, and support for the Quectel BG95 as a first class cellular modem.

Managing board revisions in Zephyr

Both Zephyr and Golioth have solutions for keeping track of multiple revisions of your hardware. Let's walk through how to tell Zephyr there is both a "Rev A" and "Rev B" of your hardware. We'll finish up by talking about how Golioth organizes OTA firmware updates for your different board revisions.

Automated hardware testing using pytest

Pytest is a framework for testing and we use it for our Firmware SDK. This post reviews setting up fixtures that connect embedded projects to pytest.

Creating a portable Ozone project file

Learn how to create a portable Ozone project file that you can check into a git repository for future debugging of Zephyr applications.
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Demos we’ll have at Embedded World 2024

We are returning to Embedded World in 2024 (EW24) and will be showing off new Golioth features, as well as end-to-end IoT demos (Reference Designs) at the Zephyr booth and with partners around the fair.

Golioth Firmware SDK v0.11.0 is now available!

Golioth's Firmware SDK (v0.11.0) pulls in recent versions of different ecosystems, allowing developers to target a wide range of custom hardware.

How We Think About Golioth at Golioth

Dylan describes how we think about Golioth inside Golioth, including framing around our new free device management. This is an excerpt from our bi-weekly newsletter, be sure to sign up.
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Beyond Arduino: Prototyping with Zephyr and Golioth

Guest Timon Skerutsch writes about building a tank level sensor using Zephyr from start of his prototype, eschewing tools like Arduino and CircuitPython.
New Pricing with Golioth. Device Management should be free.

Device Management Should Be Free

Today, we're excited to roll out a major update to Golioth's pricing. We are transitioning from per-device per-month fees to a usage-based model. This change allows individual developers to use Golioth's device management features for free,…