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Understanding Your Golioth Usage

Today we are launching a new feature in the Golioth console: usage visualization. All Golioth users can now access real-time usage data, broken down by project and service, on the settings page for organizations in which they are an admin. This feature follows a series of console updates, including the launch of the Golioth Simulator, […]


The Hard Thing About Abstraction

This is an excerpt from our bi-monthly newsletter. You can sign up for future newsletters here. Our lives are built on abstraction. It is what allows us build things much faster than we previously could. A person, or a group of people, decides that everyone else shouldn’t need to think about the gritty details of […]

Introducing the Golioth Simulator

At Golioth we are on a quest to improve the security, reliability, and efficiency of IoT products. Today we are launching the Golioth Simulator as part of an increasing focus on addressing the organizational challenges that come with building those products. The Simulator enables cloud engineering teams to generate data that mimics what devices deployed […]


Using the Best Tool for the Job

This is an excerpt from our bi-monthly newsletter, which covers our recent news and happenings around the IoT ecosystem. You can sign up for future newsletters here. When building out the Golioth platform, we’re constantly examining the user experience. We ask ourselves why it would make sense to use Golioth over alternative solutions, whether in house or off […]


Golioth Announces Connection ID Support

At Golioth, we pride ourselves on doing both the deep technical work—as well as the routine maintenance—required to ensure we back up our claim of being the most efficient way that devices in the field can securely talk to services in the cloud. In service of this mission, last week we turned on DTLS 1.2 […]

Open Sourcing xk6-coap

Today, Golioth is open-sourcing an early version of xk6-coap, a Grafana k6 extension that enables authoring load testing scenarios in Javascript that interact with Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) endpoints. k6 is a load testing framework from Grafana Labs focused on extensibility, scalability, and developer experience. The Importance of Load Testing Load testing is the practice […]

Life of a CoAP Message

Golioth uses CoAP to communicate with IoT devices out in the world through our various SDKs. This post walks readers through the layers a packet passes through from device up to the CoAP endpoints in the cloud.