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Nordic Webinar with Golioth on June 20th, 2024

We’re excited to be taking part in a webinar with our partner Nordic Semiconductor on June 20th, 2024. Note that on the signup page, there are two different timezones available! As with many webinars, the content will be available “on demand” after the fact.

Highlighting Reference Designs

The main focus of the webinar is how Golioth helps engineers get started quickly with our Reference Designs. Three of the designs we’ll featuring are:

These are fully featured end-to-end demos that highlight typical industrial use cases. I like to think that a past version of myself working as a hardware engineer at a product company would have really benefited from this model of learning. I know I would appreciate seeing an entire design that includes:

  • Hardware (both custom and off-the-shelf)
  • Firmware (open source, running on top of the Golioth Firmware SDK and the nRF Connect SDK)
  • Cloud side software
  • Visualization
  • Automation and Data routing (using the new Golioth Pipelines feature)

A generous helping of nRF Connect SDK (and Zephyr)

None of this would be possible without the great work from the Nordic team supporting all their wonderful hardware with the nRF Connect SDK. It unlocks many of the features on devices like the nRF9x family (cellular), the nRF7x family (Wi-Fi), and the nRF5x family (Bluetooth). We will talk about how we build the Golioth SDK to work alongside the Nordic SDK to make a connection to the cloud seamless for users.

Build it yourself

We will go over how you can build your own version of the Reference Designs. This is made easier by using our “Follow Along Hardware” guides, which include a parts list to buy modules “off-the-shelf” from popular distributors and a firmware binary that immediately shows the functionality of said hardware. Once you have a working design on your desk, you can also pull the code in from the Nordic SDK add-on directory in VS Code, which includes the Golioth reference designs. This is a super fast method for downloading the entire project and beginning to modify as needed. Finally, you can connect your project to Golioth and see the same data flowing out to your other Cloud services. Go from zero to hero in no time!

Don’t forget to register

Sign up today for the Nordic webinar with Golioth on June 20th, 2024. We’ll see you there!

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