Try Out Zephyr on Golioth’s Combined Firmware SDK

Golioth’s newest Zephyr support is now part of our cross-platform Golioth Firmware SDK. Yes, we have always supported Zephyr. This latest development includes our top-tier Zephyr offering alongside the other platforms we support–all in one single software development kit.

We want to hear what you think of the new Zephyr support. Right now we’re in the beta release, but we are rapidly moving toward general availability in the new year. Give it a try and let us know what you think, as we are currently making improvements based on feedback from early testers. Please send your thoughts to [email protected].

How to test Zephyr with the Golioth Firmware SDK

Using the new beta support will feel very familiar. Follow our Zephyr readme which will guide you through setting up your own Golioth Zephyr workspace, or adding Golioth to an existing Zephyr project. The SDK is installed to modules/lib/golioth-firmware-sdk folder and immediately available to your applications.

Where the newest changes become most apparent is in the APIs. While the same great APIs are still available, everything is a little easier to get up and running, and there are many additional helper API calls, like dedicated functions for pushing specific data types (int, bool, string, etc.) up to Golioth without the need to first format them as JSON or CBOR.

Chris and Mike cover many of these changes in the video above, however, you may want to spend some time perusing the Golioth Firmware SDK documentation as well. For anyone wanting to look at everything under the sun, the Doxygen reference is for you.

Why the Change?

First off, this is in addition to our existing Golioth Zephyr SDK, which will continue to work with Golioth. A full writeup on the new beta support is a good place to look for background on our motivations. But one of the biggest reasons is making sure that all of the platforms we support immediately benefit from our testing and development cycles. By collecting all of the Golioth device SDKs under one repository, we are able to deliver new features everywhere at the same time.

This is a dual benefit to you when Golioth rolls out something new. You know that both the cloud side and the device side have been tested and proven to live up to our very high standards. Since all of the ports are now under the same API, you will never have to wait for these features to make it into the SDK you are using, you’ll get them on the day they release, every time!

We Won’t Be in Beta for Long

Golioth solicited feedback from our ambassadors and other close partners as soon as the beta support was released. We’ve already been adding improvements from the early round of testing and continue to do so. But we’re eager for you to give it a try today. Please send your thoughts on the overall experience, the API, the architecture, and anything else that comes to mind. It will be invaluable to us as we move toward a wide release at the beginning of 2024.

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