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Debugging Zephyr for Beginners: printk() and the Logging Subsystem

Zephyr has a number of tools to aid in debugging during your development process. Today we’re focusing on the most available and widely useful of these: printing message to a terminal and enabling logging messages. New to Golioth? Sign up for our newsletter to keep learning more about IoT development or create your free Golioth […]

How to build your Zephyr app in a standalone folder

If you’re like me, you installed Zephyr and began making your own changes to the sample applications that came with the toolchain. But at some point–either for personal project repository tracking or building out a professional project–your program starts to take shape. You want to move it to its own standalone directory. It’s not immediately […]

How to Set Up ESP32 GPIO Pins in Zephyr

Getting your ESP32 GPIO pins working with Zephyr is easy, and using a devicetree overlay file to do so makes it painless to change pins (or even boards/architectures) in the future. Today we’re looking at a simple overlay file for the ESP32 architecture and talking about the syntax used to choose input and output pins. […]