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Managing board revisions in Zephyr

Both Zephyr and Golioth have solutions for keeping track of multiple revisions of your hardware. Let’s walk through how to tell Zephyr there is both a “Rev A” and “Rev B” of your hardware. We’ll finish up by talking about how Golioth organizes OTA firmware updates for your different board revisions.

Enabling power regulators automatically at boot in Zephyr

Zephyr has a lot of tricks up its sleeve and most recently I used it to enable power regulators on a custom Golioth board. Perhaps the most interesting part of this is that it can be done entirely with the configuration code, without needing to dive in to any of the C files. And as […]

Debugging nRF9160 Zephyr applications with Ozone

Ozone is a free graphical debugger for embedded firmware from SEGGER. It’s a powerful tool that can give you deep visibility into what’s happening in your embedded system. It’s especially useful when debugging nRF9160 Zephyr apps. Sorting out multiple threads and multi image builds can be tough, but this is the tool you want. In […]

Displaying Firmware Version and Battery State with Zephyr

We recently open-sourced the Golioth Reference Design Template that we have been using internally as the starting point for our growing library of reference designs. Out of the box, the template provides an end-to-end working firmware example showcasing all of Golioth’s key features. You can read more about what’s included in the Reference Design Template in […]

IoT Air Quality Monitor: A Golioth Reference Design

There is a growing cultural awareness of the significant health impacts of poor air quality, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters like the wildfires in California. Indoor air quality is an often overlooked aspect of workplace health and safety. Yet it has been shown to have a significant impact on […]