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ZDS: What Chip Shortage? How We Use Zephyr for Truly Modular Hardware

Learn how Zephyr RTOS and Golioth's modular hardware platform (Aludel) combine to reduce dependence on any one specific chip vendor.
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What is Golioth’s Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service?

Golioth's new Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service allows developers to ensure their commands have been received by devices in the field and get messages back about the state after a change has taken place.

How Golioth uses Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing: Part 1

Explain what HIL testing is, and why we use it at Golioth to continuously verify the firmware for our Zephyr and ESP-IDF SDKs.
Device settings
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What is the Golioth Settings Service?

Golioth just rolled out a new settings service that lets you control your growing fleet of IoT devices at the project level, the blueprint level, or on an individual device level.
NXP RT1060-EVKB Ethernet development board

Using the NXP RT1060-EVKB Ethernet board with Golioth

The NXP i.MX RT1060EVKB development platform provides a reliable and fast route for developing Ethernet solutions using Zephyr. In this post, Mike shows how to get started with the board and a Zephyr configuration.
Walkthrough: Golioth ESP-IDF SDK

Golioth ESP-IDF SDK Code Walk-through

This video and post showcase how to use the recently announced the Golioth ESP-IDF SDK in your next project. Utilize all of Golioth's excellent features to ESP32 projects built on the ESP-IDF ecosystem.

Announcing The Golioth ESP-IDF SDK

Golioth released a new open-source ESP-IDF SDK today, bringing Golioth Cloud connectivity to all Espressif projects built using ESP-IDF.
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Using Wireshark to troubleshoot Thread networks

Wireshark is an open-source network monitoring tool that also works to troubleshoot Thread networks. Golioth shows you how to get started using the tool and decoding encrypted wireless mesh packets when working with Thread or OpenThread.
Golioth LightDB ObserveCloud image CC0:

How to Add Golioth LightDB Observe to any Zephyr application

One of the most useful services in the Golioth Zephyr SDK is the ability to observe data changes on the cloud. A device can register any LightDB endpoint and the Golioth servers will notify it whenever changes happen. If your device is a door…
Zero install embedded training with Zephyr using Kasm and Docker
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Zero-install embedded training with Zephyr using Kasm and Docker

TL;DR: we've enabled people to compile Zephyr programs from a computer with no toolchain installed, almost instantly. Part of our charter at Golioth is to help people prototype and scale IoT devices faster. That's why we offer an open source…