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Power Optimization Recommendations using Zephyr

In this post, we look at the absolute minimum current drawn by the nRF9160 SOC when peripherals and modems are turned off, using the Power Profiler Kit 2 (PPK2) to measure the current consumption.

Using the Best Tool for the Job

This is an excerpt from our bi-monthly newsletter, which covers our recent news and happenings around the IoT ecosystem. You can sign up for future newsletters here. When building out the Golioth platform, we’re constantly examining…

We Added Cellular to the Hackaday Superconference Badge

Golioth attended the Hackaday Superconference in 2023 and created a "badge hack" to send images from a tiny embedded device up over a cellular network and display on

The Design-For-Hire Ecosystem

What makes a product development firm successful? This short post considers how IoT projects are ever-changing and how devshops need to keep up with the latest trends.

Try Out Zephyr on Golioth’s Combined Firmware SDK

Golioth's newest Zephyr support is now part of our cross-platform Golioth Firmware SDK. Yes, we have always supported Zephyr. This latest development includes our top-tier Zephyr offering alongside the other platforms we support–all in one…

Learn how to use Golioth with NXP and Memfault

Golioth's new partnership with Memfault enables device data to seamlessly flow back to the cloud over CoAP and out to the Memfault platform. An upcoming webinar with Memfault and NXP will show how it's done.

Follow-Along Hardware: Instantly recreate sophisticated IoT designs

Golioth Reference Designs now include purchasable hardware setups that mirror all functionality on our custom hardware solution. Utilize Golioth firmware and cloud together to showcase complex IoT applications in minutes! Compact designs have…

Our final free Zephyr training of 2023 (November)

Golioth continues a free Zephyr training series in November 2023, but this will be the final training session of the year.

Automatically Detecting Boards for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing

Golioth is an IoT company that supports as much custom hardware as possible: a multitude of microcontrollers and many different connection types. This presents a challenge when testing on real hardware. We developed tooling that tests the…

Measuring Current Consumption with Power Profiler Kit II

IoT devices are usually battery-operated and, more often than not, need to run on a single battery charge for multiple years. Before we know it, MCU power consumption becomes a huge deal when developing a product. Measuring power consumption…