Golioth Firmware SDK v0.11.0 is now available!

The latest release of the Golioth Firmware SDK is now available! Tagged with v0.11.0, this release includes support for Zephyr v3.6.0, nRF Connect SDK (NCS) v2.5.2, and ESP-IDF v5.2.1.

Our SDK supports multiple platforms and we actively track (and often participate in) upstream development. As new platform releases become available, we test against the Golioth platform, update as necessary, and cut new releases so the latest and greatest is available in your projects.

Also notable in these release is the addition of several code examples in the ESP-IDF port. We have long included examples in the Zephyr port that show each Golioth service used in isolation. The same examples are being added to ESP-IDF, alongside an example that shows off everything. These are nice references when adding a single service to existing applications.

Numerous minor annoyances have also been vanquished. Remote procedure call (RPC) error messages have been clarified when requesting an RPC that is not registered. Log messages for the LTE monitor in our Zephyr common library can now be filtered by log level. And a number of small fixes rounds out the list.

Check out all of the updates in the release notes. Star the repository for notifications of new releases. Please let us know in the forum if you find any issues or have feature requests!

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