Golioth is now “open for business”, after a successful beta program. New users can sign up for a free Dev Tier account and access the wide range of IoT services Golioth provides.
TTGO ESP32 breakout board

How to Set Up ESP32 GPIO Pins in Zephyr

Getting your ESP32 GPIO pins working with Zephyr is easy, and using a devicetree overlay file to do so makes it painless to change pins (or even boards/architectures) in the future. Today we're looking at a simple overlay file for the ESP32…

WebSockets are the real-time data pipe for your next IoT project

The new WebSockets feature on Golioth allows users to stream data out to external services, such as visualization platforms and web apps. This includes showing "real-time" data from sources on embedded devices, such as sensors. Let's look at…

Embedded Rust with Golioth and the Nordic nRF9160

Team members Lachlan and Chris discuss an implementation of a Rust code sample with Golioth and the Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160. There is a demo of the code working in the video attached below. What is Rust? Rust is a high-level, general-purpose…

Trying out Golioth with PlatformIO and Arduino Core

In this post and associated video, we're talking about interfacing hardware to Golioth using popular tools like PlatformIO and Arduino Core (API). Alvaro shows how to use an ESP32 board from Adafruit with the Arduino Core on PlatformIO to talk…

Golioth is now “open for business”

Golioth is now "open for business", after a successful beta program. New users can sign up for a free Dev Tier account and access the wide range of IoT services Golioth provides.

Organizing thousands of connected devices

Golioth tags make large deployments more manageable, offering different insights into where and how IoT devices can be accessed and updated.

Yes, even your IoT prototype should be secure

Vit Prajzler, CTO of Golioth, explains the concept of a Pre-Shared Key (PSK) and how it lends a simple but flexible amount of security for prototypes on the Golioth network. IoT prototypes on the Golioth platform are "Secure by default".
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Troubleshoot Zephyr Like A Pro With Menuconfig

Troubleshooting high complexity systems like Zephyr requires more thorough tools. Menuconfig allows users to see the layers of their system and adjust settings without requiring a complete system recompilation. Zephyr expert Marcin shows how he uses this tool for troubleshooting.

We tried to debug a microcontroller from our browser

Embedded software developers regularly have to maintain a development environment and toolchain for their target product or chipset. Traditional methods are stuck in the past. Golioth is trying new experiments to improve overall developer experience.

Provisioning IoT Devices with Zephyr, MCUmgr, and Golioth

Every IoT device needs to provision devices that are going to be available in the field. Golioth leverages open standards and updates devices securely. We show you how using Bluetooth, Golioth, Zephyr, and MCUmgr.