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Golioth is at the Embedded Online Conference!

Three Golioth team members will be at the Embedded Online Conference speaking about Zephyr, IoT hardware, and embedded DevOps. Sign up for the conference to watch the talks and learn more about embedded!

Cold Chain Asset Tracker: A Golioth Reference Design

How do you ship something over large distances and ensure it stays cold? Logistics and medical companies need to ensure proper storage throughout the life of the product, from frozen food to vaccines. This reference design shows you how.
Making sense of IoT sensor data with the Golioth ModusToolbox SDK

Upcoming Webinar: How to collect data from IoT sensors using Golioth and Modus Toolbox™

Please join us on Wednesday, April 19th for a webinar about using Golioth to collect IoT sensor data. The session will detail how to use the Infineon ModusToolbox™ to add Golioth device management. This webinar will include Golioth team…

IoT Air Quality Monitor: A Golioth Reference Design

There is a growing cultural awareness of the significant health impacts of poor air quality, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters like the wildfires in California. Indoor air quality is an often overlooked aspect…
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How to add a custom board definition to a Zephyr application

Guest author Chris Wilson explains how a Golioth training inspired him to dig into how to add a new board definition in Zephyr

Golioth partners with Nordic Semiconductor; Embedded World Demos featuring nRF9160

We're excited to announce a partnership between Golioth and Nordic Semiconductor. As long-time fans of and friends with Nordic Semiconductor, we officially joined as a Solutions Partner in the Nordic Partner Program in 2023.
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Golioth Showcases Reference Designs at Embedded World 2023

Golioth returned to Embedded World in 2023 to showcase at the Zephyr booth. We brought a range of designs built with Zephyr and connected to the Golioth Cloud. Each of our Reference Designs show how Golioth technology can target verticals throughout…

How to Use JSONata in Grafana to Validate Data

JSONata is language to parse information coming back from the Golioth REST API. This article showcases how to use the language to pull data out of complex query return strings.

How Golioth Built a User Interface with ePaper and Back-lit LEDs for Our IoT Hardware

Golioth's new custom hardware is an ePaper-based user interface that works with all of our reference designs. All it takes is Qwiic cable to connect to the i2c bus, and sensor readings and other information begins streaming to the face plate. Let's take a look!

Low Volume, High Mix Mechanical Enclosures for IoT Projects

We've been spinning up a large number of reference design hardware units to showcase a number of use cases for Golioth. This means using a number of different internal and external sensors on one unified microcontroller platform using the nRF9160 cellular SIP. Putting these in a case is a challenge since each different sensor suite calls for different openings in the enclosure. This is the story of our journey for a solution that looks great, and is available to us with low-volume order quantities.