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CMake and Kconfig tricks for common code in Zephyr apps

Use common code in your Zephyr projects by using CMake and Kconfig to include it in the project configuration files.

How Golioth uses CloudEvents

Golioth standardized on using CloudEvents to process data internally and pass data externally to other Cloud providers.
Over the air updates (OTA)

What is Golioth OTA?

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are meant to be out in the world, sending back sensor data and providing remote control for all kinds of automation. That provides an interesting challenge when you want to update the way the device operates.…
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Fully Remote Hardware Training: A Recap of Golioth’s Experience

Golioth recently completed a fully remote hardware training, including a virtualized build environment to assist with Zephyr RTOS installs. We discuss what went well and what can improve in a future training.
Zephyr threads, workers, and message queues

Zephyr Threads, Work Queues, Message Queues and how we use them

This post discusses the difference between Zephyr threads and work queues, as well as how to pass around data between running processes using data queues.

IoT Trashcan Monitor: A Golioth Reference Design

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are successful when they cut down on work. This almost always results in monetary savings for the companies or groups deploying the IoT solution. Since I am a fan of industrial uses of IoT over other (consumer)…
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Zephyr <3 Internet: How Zephyr Speeds Implementation for New IoT Devices by Jonathan Beri

Golioth Founder and CEO Jonathan Beri gave a talk at the 2022 Zephyr Developer Summit (ZDS) about how Zephyr can help you create an IoT product faster.

How to use Zephyr Pin Control (pinctrl) for pin multiplexing and configuration

Zephyr uses the pinctrl system to connect external pins to internal peripherals. Learn how to use it no matter what chip you've chosen.

Introducing Account Management and Self-Service Upgrades

Golioth is announcing the ability to manage teams on Golioth with Organizations and self-managed subscriptions from the Golioth Cloud Console.

What is Golioth LightDB Stream?

Golioth LightDB Stream allows users to publish time-based sensor data to a database and easily retrieve that data for charting or using in 3rd party applications.