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Introducing MongoDB Time Series and InfluxDB Output Streams

Golioth is announcing the general availability of two new output stream destinations: MongoDB Time Series and InfluxDB.
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Leveraging DevOps for Streamlined Firmware Delivery

As embedded developers, we're consistently seeking ways to make our processes more efficient and our teams more collaborative. The magic ingredient? DevOps.Its origins stem from the need to break down silos between development (Dev) and…
Jonathan Beri EOSS2023 Using VS Code with Zephyr

How to Configure VS Code for Zephyr Development

Jonathan Beri (CEO and founder of Golioth) gave a talk at the 2023 Embedded Open Source Summit about how to optimize VS Code for any Zephyr project.

Open Sourcing xk6-coap

Today, Golioth is open-sourcing an early version of xk6-coap, a Grafana k6 extension that enables authoring load testing scenarios in Javascript that interact with Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) endpoints. k6 is a load testing framework…
LTE-M versus NB-IoT

Switching Between LTE-M and NB-IoT Cellular Standards in Zephyr

It's a tale as old as IoT. You get a project with a cellular connection working, but when you move to a different physical location, all of a sudden you cannot connect to the internet. You know your network provider has cellular coverage in…
Golioth REST API training

How to use the Golioth REST API to Access IoT Fleet Data

Golioth makes it easy to work with the incoming data from your IoT fleet. How easy? Very Easy! But you don't need to take our word for it... you can try it for yourself right now using our self-guided Golioth REST API training module. The…
Filtering IoT Sensor Data with Golioth and Grafana

Filtering IoT Sensor Data with Golioth Rest API Queries in Grafana

Golioth collects data from your entire IoT sensor fleet and makes it easy to access from the cloud. Data visualization is a common use case and we love using Grafana to make dashboards for our fleets. It can start to get tricky if your devices…
Chris Gammell: Zephyr Onboarding in 30 Seconds

How Golioth Hosts Zephyr Training; Join Us in August!

Golioth is your instant IoT cloud that lets you choose what hardware you want to use. We're able to remain hardware agnostic because Zephyr RTOS has great cross-vendor support. As the fastest-growing RTOS, Zephyr is well worth learning, but…

OBD-II / CAN Asset Tracker: A Golioth Reference Design

Golioth makes it easy to prototype, deploy, and manage vehicle telematics solutions using CAN bus and OBD-II. We also enable remote control, Over-The-Air upgrades, and device health monitoring in the automotive space.
Golioth booth at 2023 Embedded Open Source Summit / Zephyr Developers Summit

Golioth Talks and Demos at the Embedded Open Source Summit

The Golioth team just returned from the Embedded Open Source Summit (EOSS) after a fantastic week talking about Zephyr, Embedded Linux, and of course, the future of the Internet of Things.