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How to Use JSONata in Grafana to Validate Data

JSONata is language to parse information coming back from the Golioth REST API. This article showcases how to use the language to pull data out of complex query return strings.

How Golioth Built a User Interface with ePaper and Back-lit LEDs for Our IoT Hardware

Golioth's new custom hardware is an ePaper-based user interface that works with all of our reference designs. All it takes is Qwiic cable to connect to the i2c bus, and sensor readings and other information begins streaming to the face plate. Let's take a look!

Low Volume, High Mix Mechanical Enclosures for IoT Projects

We've been spinning up a large number of reference design hardware units to showcase a number of use cases for Golioth. This means using a number of different internal and external sensors on one unified microcontroller platform using the nRF9160 cellular SIP. Putting these in a case is a challenge since each different sensor suite calls for different openings in the enclosure. This is the story of our journey for a solution that looks great, and is available to us with low-volume order quantities.

How to Control LTE with the Nordic nRF9160 and Golioth

Here's how to control the nRF9160 cellular modem, and what to do about your connection to Golioth when the modem is turned off. When building cellular IoT devices, the modem is often the most costly component in terms of power budget. Connecting to an LTE network also takes time. In both cases, manual control of the LTE connection means you make all the decision on when and how the radio is used.

Change Logging Levels From Afar with Golioth

Golioth includes remote logging as a core feature. However, for devices operating on a cellular network, you don't want to use bandwidth for logging messages unless they are really needed. This post discusses how to use Golioth and Zephyr RTOS to set device logging levels remotely.

Cellular IoT Soil Moisture Monitor: A Golioth Reference Design

Agricultural irrigation is a perfect application for IoT. Golioth's latest reference design demonstrates how to report soil moisture sensor data to the cloud. Acting on this data, you can dial in the perfect balance of natural rainfall and irrigation for the best crop yield.

Nordic’s brand new nRF7002 Wi-Fi chip already works with Golioth

The nRF7002 is a brand new WiFi chip from Nordic Semiconductor released earlier this month. Getting it up and running with Golioth is easy. Update NCS to the tip of main to pull in the newest driver work from Nordic, and make a configuration file for this board. Eli Hughes shows us how in this guest post.

Why calibrate? IoT systems work with raw data

One of my first engineering jobs was in the Test and Measurement space. Tracing everything back to standards and calibration is a key part of the process. It takes a long time and is taken very seriously. I had many learning experiences that…

AC Power Monitor: A Golioth Reference Design

This IoT Power monitor is the newest reference design from Golioth. Quickly deploy a fleet of devices for monitoring electrical equipment to increase efficiency and monitor machine outages.

Meet with Golioth at Embedded World 2023

The Golioth team is returning to Embedded World 2023 and will be showcasing at the Zephyr booth.