Golioth partners with Nordic Semiconductor; Embedded World Demos featuring nRF9160

We’re excited to announce a partnership between Golioth and Nordic Semiconductor. As long-time fans of and friends with Nordic Semiconductor, we officially joined as a Solution Partners in the Nordic Partner Program in 2023.

Nordic Semiconductor parts and development kit solutions work well with the Golioth platform, many of which are featured throughout this blog and in our documentation. Briefly:

  • nRF9160-DK is a continuously verified board that we use to test and deploy cellular applications on Golioth.
  • nRF52840-DK is a Continuously Verified Board when used in conjunction with an add-on Wi-Fi modem.
  • nRF52840 chipset is the basis of our OpenThread-based demos, which connect back through Linux-based Border Routers.
  • The recently released nRF7002 already works on Golioth in conjunction with the nRF5340.

Our customers are also well-versed in using Nordic Semiconductor components. One of our largest clients in the micromobility space is using the nRF9160 for connectivity over cellular. Another is using the nRF52 using Thread to network devices in the commercial real estate space. Both of these customers cited ease-of-use and tight coupling of Golioth services with Nordic hardware in their decision to pursue their hardware and IoT path.

What this partnership means for you

We’re taking our collaboration to the next level with faster enablement, seamless integrations, and more comprehensive training.

By partnering with Nordic Semiconductor, we’ll be able to offer a more comprehensive suite of IoT solutions than ever before. As new elements and components are introduced by Nordic Semiconductor, we will enable these technologies on the Golioth platform even quicker.

We are working on integrating cloud components to make it a seamless process to consume Nordic data for your products and act at the device level on that data.

Our training is migrating to use Nordic Semiconductor components so that we can offer direct training in Zephyr using Golioth and the nRF Connect SDK. All of these will enable our customers to accelerate their IoT projects, reduce development costs, and bring their products to market faster.

For customers who are new to Golioth, but longtime users of Nordic Semiconductor components, they will see immediate benefit to trying out our IoT Platform with their hardware. Pulling in Golioth as a feature of a nRF Connect SDK (Zephyr) project gives access to features like:

We believe that this partnership will drive innovation in the IoT space. By working together, we’ll be able to push the boundaries of what’s possible in IoT and create solutions that are more secure, reliable, and scalable than ever before. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish together, and we’re confident that our customers will benefit greatly from this partnership.

Partnership, in action

We showcased our Reference Designs at Embedded World 2023. Each of these solutions integrated the nRF9160 cellular SIP, in addition to customized sensors. The direct integration into the Golioth / Zephyr SDK meant development time was minimal for each additional design. Our team was able to create designs targeting a wide range of customer verticals, all using the same great underlying hardware.

Golioth Reference Designs using the Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160 at Embedded World 2023

At Golioth, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible IoT solutions. Our partnership with Nordic Semiconductor is a major step forward in achieving that goal. We’re excited to continue working closely with the teams at Nordic Semiconductor headquarters and their various FAEs throughout the world to develop and deliver innovative IoT solutions to our customers. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in IoT.


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