Free Zephyr Training is Two Weeks Away (October)

Zephyr is the fastest growing real-time operating system. If you’re not already using it, you should be! Now’s your chance, Golioth’s next training and the next session is just two weeks away. Join our free Zephyr training on October 25th at 9am Pacific time to get yourself up to speed.

What Will I Learn?

This three hour training happens on real hardware—sign up now so yours arrives in time for training. By the end of the session, you will have compiled, run, and worked with the output from a Zephyr app numerous times. Along the way you’ll gain understanding of the major building blocks of Zephyr (CMake, Kconfig, Devicetree, etc). We delve into mapping hardware, working with threads, and troubleshooting build issues.

This training session is held live on a video chat platform. You move around as an 8-bit avatar, automatically opening chats when you get near people. This makes it pretty easy to ask questions from other people at your table. And when you get stuck, you can pair up with instructors to get help.

Golioth Uses Zephyr

Golioth is your instant IoT cloud. Chances are, we support the microcontrollers you want to use. This is thanks to Zephyr’s approach to building for a wide range of hardware while at the same time providing a fully-featured networking stack perfect for connected devices. The Golioth Zephyr SDK is a module that you add to any Zephyr project to enable device management, data transfer to/from the device, and over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates a simple matter of making a function call.

We’ll demo the Golioth platform and give you a chance to try it out at the beginning of the training. If you can’t wait until then, our free Dev Tier allows up to 50 connected devices, so give Golioth a spin today.

Talk with an Expert

Implementing an IoT project takes a team of people, and we want to help out as part of your team. If you want to troubleshoot a current problem or talk through a new project idea, we're here for you.

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