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How to use the Golioth REST API to Access IoT Fleet Data

Golioth makes it easy to work with the incoming data from your IoT fleet. How easy? Very Easy! But you don’t need to take our word for it… you can try it for yourself right now using our self-guided Golioth REST API training module. The Golioth REST API is incredibly full-featured, unlocking all aspects of […]

How Golioth Hosts Zephyr Training; Join Us in August!

Golioth is your instant IoT cloud that lets you choose what hardware you want to use. We’re able to remain hardware agnostic because Zephyr RTOS has great cross-vendor support. As the fastest-growing RTOS, Zephyr is well worth learning, but we’ve found most people need a little help getting started. Golioth’s next free Zephyr training happens […]


How to Get Network Information from a Nordic nRF9160 Cellular Modem

Cellular-enabled devices are often deployed into far-flung locations. They are quite likely to be out of reach from physical access once deployed. Having a way to verify the network status for a device is really important to maintaining a fleet. Nordic Semiconductors (makers of the nRF9160) built tools for returning cellular connection info into the […]


CBOR Serialization in the Golioth Zephyr SDK: 20% Data Savings!

Golioth provides a lot of different services for your IoT fleet. Under the hood they all boil down to one thing: transferring some type of data to or from a constrained device. Whether it’s your microcontroller-based sensors sending back readings, or the new settings from the cloud being pushed to a device via Remote Procedure […]