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Using VScode for ESP-IDF and Golioth

You can use VScode when working with Golioth’s ESP-IDF SDK. This guide walks through the process of setting up the ESP-IDF extension for VScode, then shows how to build, flash, and run the golioth-basics example application.

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IoT Greenhouse Controller: A Golioth Reference Design

The Internet of Things (IoT) can make existing infrastructure more useful and easier to operate, with the added benefit that you don’t need to be on-site to make changes. This is the case with Golioth’s latest reference design: a greenhouse controller that adjusts ventilation and grow lighting based on sensor readings. It also provides manual […]

How to add Golioth to any ESP-IDF project

Adding Golioth device management to your existing ESP-IDF project is easy. In this post we show how to add Golioth as a submodule and configure the ESP-IDF build to enable the API calls. This brings OTA firmware updates, data management, and device control to any ESP32 IoT device.

How to do ESP32 OTA Updates using Golioth and ESP-IDF

The most sought-after Golioth feature is OTA, also known as Over-the-Air firmware updates. When you put an IoT device into the field it’s crucial that you be able to push firmware updates to it without human intervention. Golioth makes simplifies the process for your ESP-IDF projects. Today we’re walking through the OTA process: Build and […]


What is Golioth LightDB State?

Golioth LightDB State allows users to save, retrieve, and observe changes of cloud data endpoints. This data will always be the most recently updated value, and is great for recording device state and issuing command and control instructions.