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Title image reading "Life of a CoAP Message" and devices connected to the Golioth G logo.

Life of a CoAP Message

Golioth uses CoAP to communicate with IoT devices out in the world through our various SDKs. This post walks readers through the layers a packet passes through from device up to the CoAP endpoints in the cloud.

Get more out of your Rev A hardware

Delivering an IoT hardware product is expensive and risky. This talk is about how engineers can squeeze more learning from their first prototype to build a successful product.
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Free Zephyr Training on July 12th

Golioth is running another Zephyr training in July 2023 in order to teach firmware and hardware engineers how to use the popular RTOS and Ecosystem.

Golioth is at the Embedded Open Source Summit Next Week!

Golioth will be showcasing hardware running Zephyr at the Embedded Open Source Summit in Prague next week (June 27-29).

Zephyr Devicetree Troubleshooting: Generated Files

Learning Devicetree is one of the more difficult parts of getting comfortable with Zephyr. This post walks you through an example error and points out things to check while troubleshooting.

Golioth trains future Zephyr engineers

Golioth just wrapped another Zephyr training session that was open to the public. This was a group of 30 trainees, all remote. There continue to be challenges with remote training, but we are always refining how we train engineers and will detail…
Golioth Sensors Converge

Golioth Hardware at Sensors Converge Conference

Golioth is showcasing at the Sensors Converge Booth as part of Digikey's booth. Stop by to see how Golioth can connect a wide range of hardware using one codebase in Zephyr.

Ovyl + Golioth Case Study

Golioth ran a recent case study about Ovyl, a Nashville based product development shop.

Adding PWM sound in Zephyr

Utilize Zephyr PWM capabilities to drive a simple piezoelectric speaker to play notes. Golioth did this on the Nordic Semiconductor Thingy91 and can play selected songs over a cellular connection.

DC Power Monitor: A Golioth Reference Design

How full is your battery? How much current is your USB device drawing? What is your energy usage of your bank of devices? Gaining granular feedback on your electricity usage is a valuable tool. We have previously discussed this as part of…