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How to Use Generic SPI Devices with Zephyr

If there's a driver built into Zephyr, controlling a part over Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is a snap. But there's an ocean of parts out there and only so many built-in drivers in existence. Today I'm going to show you how to use generic…

ZDS: End-to-end IoT Development with Zephyr by Alvaro Viebrantz

Founding Engineer of Golioth, Alvaro Viebrantz went to the Zephyr Developer Summit...and said the hardware isn't the only part of an IoT system that matters. That's bold! This was a room full of hardware and firmware designers! In reality,…
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How to use the Golioth Settings Service with Zephyr

Controlling 10 devices is easy, controlling 10,000 is a different story. The trick is to plan for scale, which is what we specialize in here at Golioth. A few weeks ago we announced the Golioth Device Settings Service that enables you to…

Metrics at a glance: adding dynamic graphics to your Grafana Dashboard

Graphics make it easier to understand what's happening on IoT dashboards. Try out this Grafana plugin to enhance your deployment and better understand what is happening in the physical world.
Google Summer of Code: Zephyr + Arduino

Zephyr + Arduino: a Google Summer of Code story

The Arduino ecosystem is ever-growing, and thanks to the excellent work of Dhruva Gole it's coming to Zephyr as well. For the 2022 Google Summer of Code with Golioth, Dhruva took on the challenge integrating the Arduino core with Zephyr RTOS…

Golioth Blueprints help your Cloud understand your IoT hardware devices

Blueprints will help bridge the communication between the embedded team and the Cloud team. Like real blueprints, Golioth Blueprints help to map out how things should be built.

How Golioth uses Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing: Part 2

Immediately test code changes on real hardware. In this hands-on post, Nick Miller discusses how to set up your own Hardware-In-The-Loop testing using GitHub Self-Hosted Runners on a Raspberry Pi with development boards plugged in.
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ZDS: What Chip Shortage? How We Use Zephyr for Truly Modular Hardware

Learn how Zephyr RTOS and Golioth's modular hardware platform (Aludel) combine to reduce dependence on any one specific chip vendor.
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Introducing Golioth’s Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service

Golioth's new Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service allows developers to ensure their commands have been received by devices in the field and get messages back about the state after a change has taken place.

How Golioth uses Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing: Part 1

Explain what HIL testing is, and why we use it at Golioth to continuously verify the firmware for our Zephyr and ESP-IDF SDKs.